7art Studio Christmas Live Wallpaper

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Love this live wallpaper so much cause it gives me a warm christmas feeling~ Snowing and everyone in the scene is skating. They are holding hands.



My last year Christmas post : Christmas!!

A surprise from my colleague.

So happy to receive this cute little greeting card laying on my desk this morning~

Brighten up my Monday~ 

I was so wanted to have a Christmas tree this year but it seem too late to buy and I have to keep it in my store room after the Christmas end. =( Only few days to place it..and my store room is almost BOOM so not going to buy it. But I receive this card! A tree shape~ Nice and cute one! Granted my wish! =D

Thanks to my cute colleague - Li Qing.

Christmas Greeting Tree





Christmas Present from Wenyi

A present from my beloved Wenyi!!

It's my birthday and christmas present! Nyek nyek~

Thanks ya~

Lub U~

We bought it at ILoveDiscount.




 Cute Paper Doll Mate makeup pouch! Love it! Lovely color and paper doll! 

Paper Doll Mate Makeup Pouch

Paper Doll Mate Makeup Pouch

Paper Doll Mate Makeup Pouch




 Here a song by Maria Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You


Wish everyone have a blessed and warmest Christmas ever!






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