Me Me You You

What a tired but happy shopping day today~~ I am preparing for my company trip to Beijing on next thursday. Feeling excited and great that I can join the company trip because limited places available for each department only.


Thanks my bf for accompanying me with full patient for the whole day~ =D


After our tired shopping, we had our dinner at Murni USJ~ As usual, Restaurant Murni always full of customers .


We ordered  a drink called I Love You. The name is special right? It is the combination of Ribena,Longan,Soda and Lemon. Nice combination. But I think the taste is abit too sweet for me, it taste better after the ice melt.



I Love You RM5

I Love You (Ribena,Longan,Soda,Lemon)

I Love You



Tandoori Chicken RM5

It taste abit spicy and sour. Taste yummy after added the lime.

Chicken Tandoori



Naan Mozzarella Cheese Ham Bacon RM8

Yummy with the cheese and ham!

Naan Mozzarella Cheese Ham Bacon



Tom Yum Fried Rice RM5

Its tom yum smells and taste awesome and not really spicy. I like it!

Tom Yum Fried Rice



That's all~

Good night ya~





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