Hey guys~~

Today i'm gonna share what I've bought for today shopping!!

SexyLook Blackhead Remover Set!

(SexyLook 草莓粉刺净空组)

I wanted to buy it since last week i saw this product from the internet!

Many bloggers have given good comments about this product!

I am so happy that it is selling at Malaysia even though this is a product from Taiwan!

I search on the internet and get to know that Watson is selling it,

but i can't find it at the Watson nearest to me (Watson in IOI Mall Puchong).

So i decided to buy it online.

I found a website selling it at RM28,

and FREE POSTAGE if deal at Giant Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Good for me!

So i contact the dealer (which is a leng lui~^_^) to take the stock today~

So the deal happened at the bus stop opposite of IOI Mall~


So happy to receive it! ^_^


The following is the website:



I have tried this product after bath.

This is so effective!!

All my blackhead stand straight on the mask!

Yaiksss!! Disgusting!!


My nose is so clean now!!

Even the blackhead is so big also 连根拔起! @_@

The product comes in 3 bottles pack which invloved 3 steps.

1)Deep Sebum Softener- soften your blackhead

2)Sebum Purifying Mask- to tear all your blackhead out

3)Pore Treatment Essence- to tighten your pores

This product help you to clean and care of your strawberry nose easily

without squeezing ur nose by your hand~

As squeezing will hurt your skin and left the scars on your face.

Hate it!

I will stop squeezing cause i have this product to help me clear blackhead easily!



代言人 - 丁小芹








I bought a Vern's High Heel and Hair Essence too!

I love this high heel ever since i had tried it on!!

So comfy and light in weight!

The front of the shoe has a little up curve,

this help me to walk easily..

I mean not that flat~ hehe

There are two colours which is black and the colour in the picture~

I choose this colour because it is unique,

and I want to get rid of black and white colour shoes~

This colour is acceptable for me~

The price is RM89.90~

I think it is acceptable for a high heel which is comfy to wear~


For the Hair Essence the price is RM18~

Rose flower odour~



With my new shoe on~

P1180230e.JPG P1180241e.JPG





That's all for my sharing!

Enjoy your weekend! ^_^




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