It's been two weeks since my blog last update.

Yesterday night i was so excited to update my blog but end up doing nothing cause my hostel line was very slow yesterday.

So i update today!

Yesterday i went Cheras Selatan GreenBox KTV and eat dinner at 欢喜地 Restaurant with my gang!

I have had a great time yesterday.

It was a really good timing to let me release my stress yesterday since my bad presentation at the morning!

I blame myself for the lazyness and bad talking skill.

I was not preparing and present straight away cause i thought the presentation wont happen yesterday.

So my presentation marks is low. I think i'm the worst among the class.

But 1 thing good is my group member also same marks as me! Coz she did not prepare too!

Serve our right!



At the KTV i have felt more relax and not angry myself anymore!

I wanna say THANKS to my friends!

Really had a great time with you all!!

I tell myself to do better next time! Gambateh for myself!!!! I'LL DO BETTER!!

When come to dinner session we gossip and chit chat ! Haha~~

But another thing make me down again~~

I was told that the way i greet my known friends with 'HEY' in the chatroom was too unpolite to her.

[That girl did not tell me but complain to another friend]

Haiz~ Why friend that u think you are close with her but seem like we are just not close at all! And now i feel that she even dislike me!

I'm not sure! This is all just my thoughts!

Feel a little sad~



But today i suddenly cried out in front of my friends. So embarrassing!

I just can't control my tears from dropping~~T.T

There was something happened that I felt myself like being ignored!

So sad So sad~

I know my friends just feel that i'm crazy~ since it is rare to see i become like this~~>.<

one of my friend just continue talking non stop like nothing happened~

Laughing and talking about lengzai~~HO!HO!



Feel so dissapointed of our friendship!



What can i do? I'm lost~~

Am I jealous? Am I too Childish?

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  • Sunny
  • Omg.. I use to say 'Hey' to my friend in msn too... i never thought that they will feel annoying with this 'Hey'.. is it possible..? hrmmm... hv to thnik twice n deeper d.. but anyway... cheers up girl~ find your way out :D wish you always have a nice day >.^ v
  • Thanks Sunny~~
    Ya, Better say Hello lo~~
    I also never think b4 until ytd..
    I have changed my mind to say 'Hello' next time~~=)

    Yan Yee 於 2011/02/24 11:32 回覆

  • wenyi920
  • Tight hugs dear~
    No one is perfect, human tends to make mistake, so learn from your mistake now and do better next time k? You need to prove this to yourself, not others. So jia you!!! Fighting!!!

    About your friend, maybe you can take the initiative to talk to her, try to explain to her that you never intend to be impolite to her, tell her that's just a misunderstanding.. If she's a good friend, she should understand..

    Anyway, if ya down or what, you can always find me to talk k =) I'm always here for you, we are friend right? You are never lonely, you have a big bunch of good friends, so cheers k?! Be optimistic!! Don't let sad thing cover you and down whole day!!! Say cheese!! ^^

    Love ya~ Muacks~~~
  • Lub u too Wenyi!! Muax!! <3
    Thanks o~~^_^

    Yan Yee 於 2011/02/24 14:48 回覆