Woohoooo! It's been LOOOOoooonnGGggg time since my last update!

Finally got the time to do little update of my recent activity!



I went Tioman for 3D2N diving course to take Open Water diver license (OWD)!

An open water diver can dive maximum up to 18 metres (60 ft).

**Feel not deep enough when I was actually down at 16m+ that time**


Let's start out journey to Tioman!

We drove all the way from KL to Mersing jetty! Took us about 4 hours to reach!

Had our EARLY breakfast or should I say LATE SUPPER before depart!



Cute giraffe and doraemon plushie best companion along the journey!

Opps! Of course the best part was our KTV session in the car! Hahaha!

Zao ha beng~~ Zao ha beng~~ (Zombie)

The picture was taken at the Mersing Jetty! (Still look fresh... here comes the bad part =[ )

Our ferry was supposed to reach at 11AM but it delayed to 12.30PM! 

The weather was very HOT and not much wind, sweating and queuing to wait our ferry! 

The good part was the air condition was good in the ferry, so we can rest and nap along 1hour 30mins journey to Tekek Station.

**I had not much rest maybe slept too much in the car ** 

























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