Quick update of my hair!

Cut short and dyed new color!

Love this hair cut so much!

I requested not to cut layer. Layer cut make my hair messy cause I have naturally wavy hair~

So DO NOT CUT LAYER CUT IF YOU HAVE WAVY HAIR and you want your hair to look smooth and easy to maintain.


It's been 8 months plus since I did digital perm on February this chinese new year. I only trim my fringe around 1 month once, so my hair on the back getting longer and longer until my waist! The problem of getting hair longer is time consumed to dry your hair after shower especially curly hair you have to style it everyday to maintain the curls! Using more shampoo and conditioner too!

I dyed my hair myself on June using Liese Bubble Hair color but the color dark chocolate started faded. So my hair color became the combination of black and brown! So ugly!

Plus my hair getting dryer I think because I never do treatment and trim it! XD

So I've decided to dye again! 


I bought this hair package from Groupon at RM78 included


-Keratin hair treatment-




But have to add RM20 for hair length passed shoulder. 




Cut cut cut!


In process of getting pretty hair~

Seat there around 3.5 hours~~~ 


Keratin hair treatment from their own product! It smells good! Not that kind of heavy chemical perfume smell~

By the way, my friend say this pic my hair look like mley cyrus hair???  Oh no~~~!


TA-DANG!! Done!!!

Cut, dyed, wash, treatment, wash, and blow!!!

Awww....my pretty hair! XD

1 thing I like about their hair dye is the smell of chemical on your hair not as strong as other salon! 

They used Japanese brand colouring products.


Self shot time! 

Trying to get used to middle parting!






Bought their own product Color Protection shampoo RM28 300ML and conditioner RM18 180ML!

The price is after 10% discount!

The hair stylist adviced me to use color protection shampoo at least 1 month start from the day of hair dye so that the color wont be faded so fast!

And DO NOT WASH HAIR the day after hair dye! Meaning wash your hair on the 3rd day!


That's all!

Good night everyone!





Shop details:

DJ2 Hair Salon

No. 28 & 28-1, Jalan Puteri 5/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong
Puchong, Selangor 47100

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